General FAQ

Big NO! I'm professional here. This is what I do for a living. Every site I create is built 100% unique and catered to your needs. Each site has different feeds to bring in the Quality Content.
A: Absolutely! You dont need to know one single thing about programming to run any of these websites. Even if you have never owned or ran a website, you will have no problems. I have training to Teach you how to manage your websites
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A: Yes. We provide full support for any websites purchased through us. We also provide hosting support as well for any sites which are hosted on our servers. We offer HelpDesk support, as well as Live Support Chat. Please see our helpdesk at
A: You own your own business. You retain 100% of ownership and we are in no ways involved in running your business, other than providing support if needed.
A: No! All you pay is a ONE TIME FEE to purchase the website.
A: Absolutely! All of our sites are proven money-making businesses and all of them can begin generating a profit within the first 30 days. Adding Google Adsense alone will most likely generate enough profit to cover your hosting fees provided you advertise and promote your website properly. Of course, as with any real world business the more time, money, and effort put into the business will determine how successful the business becomes.
A: No, we don't. We have expenses for building up a site, purchasing the domain name, etc and you can see a demo of what you are going to buy, before you buy it. If the website is properly promoted and advertised then you would never have a reason to need a refund.
A: It takes up to 3 business days from ordering.
A: Yes! I can build any custom website to your specifications. Obviously, a custom website is going to cost much more than a turnkey solution. However we can definately do this
A: Yes. You can do whatever you want with your website, since you are 100% the owner and will have full access to the website code.
A: Yes! You can sell it at any time. You are the owner of your business and you can do what you like with it. Many times you can even make a profit reselling our websites!
A: Yes, of course. I will guide you step-by-step through the whole process.

Established Website

A: A pre-established website business is a website which has already been built, and many times has already been promoted and even possibly already earning money! These are PREMIUM websites and many hours of work has gone into each and every one. These websites represent some of the best websites we have to offer.
A: NO! Unlike our turnkey websites, the premium pre-established websites are UNIQUE and sold only ONE TIME ONLY! There are multiple reasons for this such as the time it takes to build one of these sites, but most importantly to ensure these premium sites maintain their exclusive nature. If you see a pre-established website business you are interested in, your best bet is to purchase it quickly! These websites can and are sold WITHOUT NOTICE. Once they are sold, they are gone for good!!
A: This is true. Since these are premium websites which are already up and running, we do perform ongoing SEO, marketing, and promotional advertising on each website. As time goes on, these websites will slowly increase in traffic and search engine rankings. As this occurs, we re-evaluate each website and adjust prices accordingly. There's never a premium pre-established website we offer which would ever go down in price! They only go up in price! So the sooner you purchase, the less money you'll pay!

After Purchase

After you complete the purchase and we verify all the details, we will contact you via e-mail/skype and start processing your order. Depending on your order type you will receive a form to fill out so i can start your order.